Online Gambling. Luck or Skill?

Online casino gambling can be fun, affordable and potentially deliver some cool payouts – with luck, strategy and elements of skill-play. However, while many casual gamers are happy to randomly try their luck with low level stakes and effectively just have fun (laced with the chance of lucky wins) – why let the casino have an advantage over you? In reality, there are simple ways to ensure you minimise the casino's built-in advantage, whatever your gaming level…….


Many gambling games can be played with 'basic strategy'. Classic examples are video poker and blackjack – two 'winnable games'. However, the ease of gambling on the games mean that many casual players simply use a 'click and play' approach, simply trying to get gambling payouts by forming high value hands. While this gambling method can deliver a degree of success, it allows the casino's natural advantage (typically around 2-5%) to do just that – take advantage of you! The simple solution is to play with basic gambling strategies. In essence – basic gambling strategy refers to the simple set of rules that can be applied to many casino table games. Strategy sheets are widely available on the internet – and since they boost both the fun and minimise the casino's gambling advantage, you're crazy not to try them out! They won't turn you into a pro level gambler – but they will put you one step ahead of the typical web gambling fan.

The fact that gambling entails elements of luck, means that it makes real sense to gamble with logical staking. Fundamentally, every time you gamble in a casino – you are at the mercy of getting lucky or hitting bad luck (even if you are a skilled gambling expert!). As you can imagine, if you play with random stake levels (both within the same session or in separate sessions) – you run the risk of losing when placing big stakes, and winning when you bet small! The solution is simple – always use a level stakes gambling approach to make your gaming less volatile. If the time comes when you wish to increase your credit size – then make sure you have the bank to increase all your gambling stakes.

While it's a fact that some lucky gambling winners have hit the casino jackpot the first time they play – that doesn't happen to most gamblers! In fact, by playing randomly you're literally flipping a coin in terms of finding good or bad luck. Most gambling experts agree that the best way to even out the hot and cold sessions, is to play with a degree of regularity. For example, you may choose to place 100 bets of 0.10 3 times per week (a total risk of 300 x 0.10 = 30.00).

Gambling bonuses
Most online casinos offer gamblers free deposit and no-deposit gambling rewards. However, when you bank your winnings, you must play them through a pre-set volume of bets, before you can withdraw the cash. Play your bonus cash with care, by using the gambling tips above to try and lock-in real winnings. 
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How to beat the gambling addiction

Gambling is a pastime that has fascinated people for a long way whether it’s gambling for money or for fun people have always gambled these days you can gamble at the casino or online at home, developments such as these have led to an increase in the number of people who gamble. Gambling is a fun way of spending your time and at the same time stand a chance of wining the only problem with gambling is that if not controlled it can become addictive and the player becomes addicted to gambling just like an alcoholic is to alcohol and therefore becomes harmful.

The first thing you have to do to beat you addiction to gambling is aspect that you have a problem and need help , there are many tell tale signs that you have become an addict such as lying to cover up your gambling , stealing to finance your gambling , your feel an irresistible urge to gamble , your put your job , relationships ,and education at risk with your gambling , all you ever think about is gambling up to a point were nothing else matters but gambling , you are always think that you’re going to win and are forever thinking and talking about what you are going to do with all the money are going to win , and many other signs , if any of these matches with you then you addicted to gambling and are in need of help .

most people who are faced with this problem try to stop instantly which I am afraid will not work the best thing to do is to gradually reduce the number of times you gamble a week or monthly because if you really are addicted to gambling then stopping at once is a bit impossible, you will find that as you reduce the number of times you gamble you find yourself gaining more control of your self.

try a money management strategy this will help you not to gamble beyond your financial limits this way you can avoid gambling all you money , money management strategy are were a player decide on how much they are willing to lay down at the table before they even login in to play any games

Addiction to gambling is a serious issue and should not be taken lightly if you suffer from such addiction please do seek professional help there are many people who are able to help you. 
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